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Phasiani lacus Manerium - household oath, Goals and Questions

The Oath of legion to the Arch Duchy of Connacht by the manager of Phasiani lacus Manerium

On December 10th 2011 at openning court of the event Silent Knight hosted by the Arch Duchy of Connacht of the Adrian Empire, I Mistress Christiana Elizabeth Constable have met the requirements to be awarded the title of Lady for the duration from December 2011 through to July 2012. It is with sad regret that in maintaining the household status we of Phasiani lacus Manerium have slip below the min membership requirements as set by Adrian laws and thus the have lost the status of household for the time been, but that does not stop us members of Phasiani lacus Manerium from having fun. In during so and by her hand she has written a special oath that was presented at openning court.

The Oath given before their graces and the populace of the Arch Duchy of Connacht.

I Mistress Christiana Elizabeth Constable in serving the Arch Duchy of Connacht, I shall be responsible in my loyalty and behaivor onto and those of Phasiani lacus Manerium onto my graces and to protect those of individual members of Phasiani lacus Manerium, and to prove my loyalty along with the members of Phasiani lacus Manerium, of the Arch Duchy of Connacht of the Adrian Empire. To have all members of Phasiani lacus Manerium participate, and encourage them in all fields, including arts and sciences and in during so to improve themselves in their chosen interest. In accepting the responsiblility I will to the best of my knowledge of things known, and to seet ut things that I may not know. To encourage all,to develop the artisan inside them to the best of their knowledge in the arts and sciences, and to support all those that choose to protect themselves through marshal arts to thus protect themselves among beggars and theives and to encourage the artisan to expand their trade.

So say I Christiana Elizabeth Constable of ye Phasiani lacus Manerium.

After the presentation of the oath Mistress Christiana was called to kneel before their graces, where she would receive the symbol of title; a circlet of gold was bestolled on her head, giving Mistress Christiana Elizabeth Constable the title of lady - household of Phasiani lacus Manerium been given the status of household on December 10th 2011 to July 2012 as set forth. Mistress Christiana Elizabeth Constable is now known as either My Lady or Mistress Christiana Elizabeth Constable of ye Phasiani lacus Manerium and will remain so until such time that the graces grant the household status again to Phasiani lacus Manerium or until Mistress Christiana decides to step aside.

The Goals

The goals are simple, and we of Phasiani lacus Manerium have a few goals, but the main goal is to have fun. From time to time, one may come up and a simple and straight forward question. The question is.

Are you having Fun?

This has happen to myself, Mistress Christiana a number of times, If the answer is No or maybe, I Christiana will ask what the problem is in referrence to Phasiani lacus Manerium and hope to rectify this problem if it is in concerned with Phasiani lacus Manerium. If it is with Connacht or and Adrian I Mistress Christiana will forward you to the person in charge that can resolve the problem.

Others goals, is the sharing and the joy of our abilities to create a persona that is suited to the era that the Phasiani lacus Manerium represents, and in during so, to make a fictional character persona a living and breathing person of the creative anachronism period that you so choose. I Mistress Christiana once belong as a member to another creative anachronism group, that held a persona challenge as both a participate in 2009 and as a candidate in 2010. There is a lot of hard work that goes into creating a persona, but it is a rewarding experience and helps in the creation of creating a believable persona. To view persona documentation go to link
http://elizabethanprojectsca.blogspot.com/ (Mistress Christiana Elizabeth Constable's persona documentation for Golden Swan persona challenge 2010.)

I Mistress Christiana will now lay a few simple rules to this challenge, of which should be carefully followed. There are many rules on the subject of dress set by the empire and the duchy, and these we wish not to offend, as these rules may get you into trouble. These are some of the primary rules.

Rule 1) Do not wear blue, red, yellow, or green leather color belts unless a title has been issued to yourself by Connacht or and Adrian that allows you to wear one of these.

Rule 2) No spurs - silver, gold or otherwise. These are reserve for Knights, that have achieve this level. If you wish to make Knight, one must achieve the proper amount of points to achieve the Knight Levels. Their are three different levels of which you would be entitle to wear.

Rule 3) Do not wear any crowns, coronets, or and circlets as these are reserved to royally, and to lords and ladies and of other positions that allows than to wear these. Lady Christiana Elizabeth Constable is the only one entitled to wear a circlet in Phasiani lacus Manerium and joins the ranks and titles that are allowed to wear a circlet in the Adrain Empire.

Creating a Persona

In creating your persona, please do not use any actual historical person from the time period that you wish to create. Please do not create a persona that involves Ministers, Royalty, Lords and Ladies, and Religious persona's. The persona must be distinct to your likings, and should be of a fictional character to that of the historical persona that you will be representing. It is advisable if you are a member to create a persona that is of the artisan, and or entertaining classification if you are a member of Phasiani lacus Manerium. I Christiana can help you on the creation of your persona, but it is up to you to create the persona that will best suit your taste. It is advisable to structure a persona that closely mirrors your mundane lifestyle as this helps in making the persona more believable and easier to construct. It is by far easier to create a persona that closely represents your mundane lifestyle.

To begin your journey in creating a persona, one must first, select the era (1066AD to 1603AD of western European culture) you wish to represent. You may choose multiple persona if you wish, but please keep in mind that each is its own persona. The next step, is to do a bit of research, either and or through the library or on Internet, but please keep in mind when during the research, please use reliable information. IE. publish by a university press or and university web sites, or and by a reliable research group. After one has chosen the persona you wish to create, than is the time to try out the persona that you have choose at an event or demo. Costuming should look like that of the period you wish to represent, and it does not have to be a complicated costume or have the natural fibres of garments of the past as natural fibres can be expensive and sometimes hard to attain. It can be simple, as long as it represents your persona's era. IE: Beggar, Minstrel, Artisan, Military (no officers please) are a few examples of choice. As climate in Canada is an issue one may choose to make their garb from cotton for those hot summer days, and one may wish for heavier and warmer fabrics for those cold days of winter, but the trick is to layer. If one is attending a summer event, days can be hot, and evenings can be chilly, therefore it is recommended to layer, and to even have a simple item like a cloak to keep you warm in the evenings.

Now that we have selected the basics to your persona, now we can fill it out the persona with the other props. Please note Phasiani lacus Manerium, is creating a gold key (loaner costumes) but is very limited to what can be offer. If you need gold key, and are of Phasiani lacus Manerium, please contact Christiana, but if you are a member of Phasiani lacus Manerium for at least three months, it is advisable to have your own garb. Basic garb, can be a tunic and cloak. As for feast gear, it is strongly advisable one should provide their own. This can be as simple as a trencher, spoon, knife, and mug. Ye Phasiani lacus Manerium does not supply eating utensils as these are the personal property of our personas.

Questions and Miscellaneous Information on creating a personawhat is the reason for a persona?

The intent is to create a believable persona for the era of ones individual taste and likes of a persona that is best suited to the era of 1066AD to 1603AD of Western European culture. (Battle of Hastings to the death of Queen Elizabeth).

(1) To gather together a unique group of members both male and female who were talented, gifted and "doers" and to make a believable persona that can be shown as someone that has stepped off the history pages of history.

(2) To promote the goals of the one of the reasons of why Phasiani lacus Manerium was created and to participate in the creation of a dream in the personae of women and men.

Are members of Phasiani lacus Manerium part of an order, or what?

Technically, no, other than been members to the household, to Connacht and the Adrian Empire; we are not a part of any order in persona development. When one succeeds a feel of been successfully may be felt, with their accomplishments. There is no award issued by the Phasiani lacus Manerium or the Adrian Empire that is known. Members of Phasiani lacus Manerium and of the Adrian Empire are limited to Western Europe from 1066 to 1603 AD. If you wish for help in creating a believable persona, and this is open to members of Connacht, I Lady Christiana will aid and guide members of Phasiani lacus Manerium in creating a believable persona, but one must do the research, and to help Lady Christiana it is recommended to send a general briefing of one’s bibliography of your persona. This allows time to decide if more help will be needed to develop one’s persona. A briefing in point form is all that is needed to view one’s persona for members of Phasiani lacus Manerium although it is open to all within Connacht. If ones persona should not be believable it is best to stop them early, than let them do all the work, psych themselves up, get to the event, then fail to present themselves as the persona they wish to portray.

Will I need to be in persona all the time?

Members are expected to be in persona at all times from Opening Court usually Saturday morning (about 9 am) to Sunday afternoon at events and at demos. Any time when they are not in their own tent or in the bathroom, they must expect to be observed by the public and by other members. For members who are staying off-site, it is strongly encourage to set up a day pavilion or use a friend's tent or encampment as a safe haven for much needed down-time, changing, etc. Being someone else non-stop can be very draining. You may need a private area to recover or to regroup your thoughts.

Is a support person required?

Phasiani lacus Manerium does not require it in order to be in persona, but it is strongly recommend. In the past from my experience I have become more aware of a number of issues that can detract of being in persona for the one presenting the persona. To overcome these, most of the members of Phasiani lacus Manerium will do their best to stay in persona as much as they can. However, there are times when modern problems intrude. For example if you've left their lights on in your car, we of Phasiani lacus Manerium should not but may refer to this as you left a candle burning in your coach, therefore we will take care not to tell you this as a twelfth century nun. If you are using a support person to help you stay in persona and to keep you company your support person does not have to be completely in persona, (it is recommended that your support person should be in complete persona) but one should dress them appropriately and brief them on correct behavior on your persona. You need to give them a name and define, in some way, their relationship to you (sibling, fellow nun, servant, friend, etc.) and they should behave towards you, and you should behave towards them, in a manner appropriate to that relationship. In presenting your persona and one has a support person you can illustrate aspects of your personality or persona that might not otherwise come out. Creative faking in persona if you do not know the answer is fine. An incomplete answer, a vague stare, even "I don't know" might be acceptable, but completely incorrect information from a person’s persona can ruin the effect of recreating one’s persona.

Is period camping required?

Absolutely not!!! Some people are not equipped for cold weather camping, while others can't do it due to age or health concerns. So requiring period camping is by the individual’s choice. Persona development is about creating a well-rounded persona; it's not about passing a test or fitting into pigeonholes. Yes, Phasiani lacus Manerium wishes to maintain a high level of achievement, so the standards for persona development are high. But they're not intended to be barriers to anyone who has the ability to put together a plausible, historically accurate persona. Talk to the lady of Phasiani lacus Manerium and she will see what can be done, on a case-by-case basis. Phasiani lacus Manerium has a firm tradition that everyone is welcome, regardless of handicaps or other concerns. If that level of acceptance doesn't exist elsewhere, well, it exists within Connacht (Adrian Empire) and Phasiani lacus Manerium - does here.

Do I have to do all this research?

What if I never went to college and don't know how to research or present my persona? There's no question to do a persona one must do research. This will mean reading books, browsing the Internet, maybe taking classes or corresponding with experts. Phasiani lacus Manerium is not intended for hard-core scholars who live their lives in books. It is about creating a believable historically based persona from 1066 to 1603AD of Western European Culture. In creating a believable persona there is as much acting ability involved, as there is research. Phasiani lacus Manerium does not expect you to do doctorate level research, although you may end up there once you're done. Phasiani lacus Manerium expects you to read enough to have a good working knowledge of what you need to know to act as if you're a person living in that time and place. It is recommended to dig deeper than pretty picture books about the middle Ages, or popular fiction, but rather from sources of scholarly books and scholarly Internet sources of the Medieval Ages. Once you're in persona, you no longer have access to your documentation in public. To play in persona one cannot really say I read it in a book but one can say, if you don't know or can't remember, fake it. As long as you're not out and out wrong, creative faking is part of developing and having fun with your persona. This is not a scripted play where you have to be letter perfect at all times it is about creating someone who lives and breathes, forgets stuff, and reacts to things and people in their environment. Persona development does not stop after the event or demo ends. If you think of something later about persona development and wish to talk about it to one of the members of Connacht and or Phasiani lacus Manerium in we will be glad to help you in developing your persona.

A person who creating a persona and is flexible and has a thorough working knowledge of what they've learned, and can talk about it from a first-person viewpoint and who has the presence of mind to evade questions or manipulate the conversation away from topics they don't know and onto topics they do know, will fare better than the one who has tons of book-learning but can't present the information convincingly as a real person of the era they chosen. So research skills do count, but only for about half, possibly less, of the whole persona presentation. One must start with a base, and than put on the bing as one proceeds in developing a believable persona. One may also take the persona development to any level they so choose, but the more refine the persona development is, the more believable the person will be, and the more fun that one will remember after an event. This is not judging and is not a competition but rather a guideline that will help you in creating the persona.

How should I react to blatantly modern things or people when I'm in persona?

In a nutshell, ignore them, unless you can't. If the car isn't about to run over you, look the other way. Don't make cute remarks about the electric lights in the hall or the sunglasses on the guy in the Eric. That makes your persona an anachronism, which is the opposite of what Phasiani lacus Manerium wants here. You're not a person from the eleven or the sixteenth century who's been picked up in a time machine and set down in an alien environment, you're a eleven to sixteenth century person functioning within their own environment, so ignore anything that wouldn't have existed in that time. Don't keep straining credulity by commenting on everything that's modern. At the same time, some situations can be dealt with. If you're a 12th century Norman and somebody hands you a potatoe, what do you do? Would you know what it was? Would you know it was edible? Would you believe it was edible if someone told you it was? Would you try to eat it, or would you decide it was poisonous or a trick? You could have encountered strange foods in your life, and you would have some methods for dealing with it. If there are lights in the hall, assume they're merely a different type of torch or rush-light, and get on with being the person in the 11th to 16th century, rather than a time traveler from the twenty-first century.

Is this going to be grueling interrogation?

Definitely not! This is suppose to be a fun atmosphere and Phasiani lacus Manerium along with Connacht would be supportive and nurturing. Visitors and friends may in a friendly, curious way, converse with you. They are not to interrogate a member that wishes to create their own persona. Phasiani lacus Manerium is only there to help its members create a believable persona and it is not to be used for judging or of any competition within Phasiani lacus Manerium. The person must feel comfortable and will allow him or herself to develop to what ever level they so choose. Some members of Phasiani lacus Manerium only develop costumes, while others like Christiana have fully developed personas that can include everything from the crafts to culinary arts, to even survival skills. It is the hearth around which members of, past and future, of Phasiani lacus Manerium gather to do what women and men have always done in the years of 1066 to 1603AD. The public and other member of the Adrian Empire will be the judges and they will judge based only on what is presented by you. They should not go "fishing" for specific information simply because they think a member should know it. So with the public “fake it” but please make it believable. If presenting a fully developed persona one should at least know the basics of your era in general knowledge for your region or your part of the world, not information specific to your persona. I.E. one person in persona, when asked about pigs, claimed she had none and they were shipped from some distance away. If one knew of this era and knew their history that this woman didn't know enough about the Middle Ages, because everyone had pigs, and you didn't need to do any in-depth research about her culture to know that. Meanwhile, on the other hand another woman from a different culture that had access to pigs but didn't have them as a rule was asked about them, and she was able to expound at length about pigs because she's had them in modern life. She knew that her persona wasn't likely to have them but could have, and she said that, then went on to express her own opinions, veiled as her persona's, about the creatures.

Member can become frustrated that they were only able to present a small percentage of everything they had learned and to make a believable persona one must learn a wide range of material, in case it is to be presented. But there's only so much time at a given demo or event to present a persona and for every member that has taken persona to the extreme will probably know a hundred or more hours worth of information, but will only have the demo and or event to present it.


In presenting a persona, one needs to be able to indicate if needed of why they are traveling, as most events and demos do take place at a number of locations throughout the known world. You can say that you are a merchant, or a pilgrim that is traveling, or of other matters, but please remember make it believable – It is suggested that the most advanced persona player come up with a short briefing story of their persona, along with life issues concerning their persona. Below is a list that can help one design there own persona, and will set the basis for developing a believable persona. One may choose to do all, or only a few, but the more developed the more believable the persona will be.

Lets begin the transformation from mundane to play!

We all must start at the beginning, and that is to create the persona, and in during so will create the overtone of where one may go in developing the persona. The first is to create a play name, and this should be of one from the era that you so choose, but be warned, once a name is selected, and you wish to change it, it is rather hard to do as most that play the game will know you by your play name, and can be hard to change, as names to other members tend to stick in their memory and you may be called by your original play name that you have created or even by your legal name. You do not need to jump in right away, but if you have an idea, please do a bit of online research with the name to be sure that it is to your period. At this stage we need to fruit out the persona. In short lets give the persona some color. You made go all the way, or choose to stop it at what ever level you wish, and the information below, is to serve only as a guide. In reference to making a persona, one should and I Christiana suggest that one take a look at their mundane life, as this will make it a whole lot easier to format a persona. For example if you enjoy culinary arts, and even wine and beer making, maybe a persona in referrence to these mundane ideas is in order. If you so choose to do architecture, and you do not know anything in architecture of Medieval ages, them I suggest a different persona, or do a lot of research on the subject. I would suggest the earier suggestion as this creates less work for yourself, and will aid in making a believable persona.

1) PERSONA CREATION: (Required) Should be able to develop an authentic and logical persona based on historical research and data. The persona cannot be one of an existing historic or literary character. One should have in developing the persona the following: full name, date of birth, present age, place of birth and current residence, a brief genealogy that includes present social position, and a brief personal history. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART – as this will set the motion of which way the persona development will take form. One should at least have a general idea of what persona should be, and will set the stage, for skills, social structure, costuming, and other items as well. The persona creation does not need to be complex, but rather a stepping-stone into helping create and to make an attempt at experiencing the historical past years without the pitfalls of the Medieval Ages.

In developing a persona creation on should be able to present life skills as well on everyday occurrences in the life of their personas such as hobbies, pastimes, religious observances, house duties (for the women - e.g. meal planning, entertainment, accommodations for visiting dignitaries and entourage etc; for the men - work skills, socialization, monies and income), community obligations, and other personal duties/needs of their persona; the visit of a reigning monarch, the guild they belong to, anticipation of a coming holiday, their position in society. EXAMPLES ARE ENDLESS.

Habitat can overlaps everyday life, but is not identical. The member should be able to display a working knowledge of the persona's home such as that displayed during the everyday life mention above. The person should also have good overall knowledge of shelter in general in their time period and culture, the geography of their home and any other areas they should be familiar with, climate, which lives with, or near them, sources of water, disposal of waste

By using the persona creation first, than one can create the life skills as well and this helps to even further advance the persona, and to fruit out the persona. Everyone is different, and they may choose whatever level they so choose, but the more advance the level, the more pleasure at recreating the era that one chooses also helps in creating the pleasure of having more fun within the organization.

Members - should and must demonstrate a working knowledge of courtesy and etiquette for their persona throughout the event by their deportment. Topics will include addressing nobility, officers, peers and servants; table manners; recognition of devices; and, of course, courtliness and common consideration and politeness as set by Adrian Empire Rules.

2) COSTUMING: (Required) should have made a complete and detailed costume for their persona, including undergarment/s, over garment/s, and headwear. NOTE: footwear and accessories need not be made by the applicant, but should be provided to complete the persona. With shoes it is not necessary, as most shoes from this era were uncomfortable, and to have them made can be expensive. If your persona calls to be barefooted, please do not. We do not need you to have an accident by stepping on something sharp and contaminated. As for costuming, it should be based on construction techniques, and design of the era that the persona is presenting to the world. Along with the proper accessories. If one wishes to explore this more, one may join the Clothiers – http://clothiersguild.blogspot.com/

At this stage on one may choose to stop their development of their persona, as one would be able to succeed with their own persona and to some degree will pass. But for others this is only the first stage and one can develop further. Below is listed a few of these catagories that may help oneself in creating the persona to a greater extent. The icing of the cake as might be in to developing the persona even greater, but be warned, when going down this avenue the sky is the limit, and when one has master these techniques, you may choose to enter on any of these corresponding fields as per set rules of the Adrian Empire, either through arts and sciences, or and marshal arts.
3) CALLIGRAPHY/CORRESPONDENCE: Members presenting a persona may also wish to do calligraphy for their persona or an illuminated page that demonstrates the applicants understanding of their culture and period lettering style and writing/illuminating tools and materials.

4) NEEDLEWORK/EMBELLISHMENT: Not necessary required, but is known in all cultures and eras, with mostly women, but men have also done needlework and embellishment as well. If one chooses the member may choose to enter a piece with documented proof at an Arts and Sciences competition. Suggested applications: embroidery, needlepoint, appliqué, lace making, weaving, bullion work, spinning/weaving, sprang or other needlework or embellishment appropriate to persona. Needlework or embellishment may be incorporated into the persona's costume or accessories. Applicant if entering the arts and sciences competition must be prepared to document form of needlework or embellishment

5) SKILLS AND TECHNOLOGY: Members may choose to display and demonstrate a skill or proficiency appropriate to their persona that is not covered in the other categories. Examples would be: falconry, jewelry making, herbalism, woodcarving, and detailed working knowledge of weaving. A member may choose to display their knowledge at demos, and may choose if they wish to in the arts and sciences - judging is done through a display and/or demonstration to the judges, along with documentation and a discussion between the arts and sciences judges if need be. Documentation of technique, materials, elements specific to persona is required of the project is needed if entering the arts and science list.

6) CULINARY ARTS: Member may choose increase their persona development by learning the culinary arts of their era and if so should be able to discuss food and diet in general. Members should have knowledge the of sources of food (grown on own lands, imported, trade, etc.), preparation and storage methods, the equipment used for these, fast and feast days and customs for persona, restrictions on diet, any philosophy of food common to the era or culture. Cooking or food preparation can form part of this category but is not required, however does give a nice touch to those that wish to contribute as a feast autocrat or even at a pot luck.

7) DANCING: Member may choose to do dance but should be able to do the dances of the era that they wish to present.

8) GAMES AND PASTIMES: Members should show a proficiency in, and ability to teach, indoor and outdoor games, where appropriate to their persona. Suggested indoor games: chess, nine-men's-Morris. Suggested outdoor games: jeu-de-boules (Bocce), Prisoner's Base. Members may substitute another other games as per their time period or culture.Where appropriate for the persona, other pastimes may be substituted. Examples might include: riddles, string games or figures, word games.

9) BARDIC ENTERTAINMENT: Everyone seems to enjoy the art of bard but to make it more believable one should at least make an attempt to memorize and perform a period song, story, or poem of reasonable length. You may even play a music instrument and for those that are more serious recreat a Medieval music instrument to preform on. Performances usually take place at the potluck feast on Saturday night and everyone is welcome. If needed i.e. say a poem, one may read from parchment and work the readings into your acting skills as been in persona. Bard with proper documentation can also be entering on the Adrian Empire arts and sciences list.

10) SURVIVAL TECHNIQUES: members can if so chosen to do marshal arts if they wish to advance their persona if their persona dictates or if they just simply want to play the challenge in the marshal arts. Other than target archery, one MUST BE CARDED – taken both the written and practical test, before playing the combat arts, and in most scenarios set by the marshal in charge – the member will be able to prove their ability in these scenarios. Techniques should coincide (loosely) with what is appropriate to their persona and by direction of the Combat Rules set forth by the Adrian Empire. Adrian Empire - legal weapons, protection and procedures will dictate this option if one chooses to do this option while in persona.

a) Archery and Thrown Weapons: As set per rules of the Adrian Empire and by the marshal that is supervising the activity
b) Shinia and Rein: As per Adrian Empire Rules of Combat and by the marshal in charge.

Closing - persona: There are other organizations of creative anachronism groups that may have persona challenges for participation and to be that of a candidate within these challenges is an honor. As such before I Chrisitiana Elizabeth Constable transfer over to the Adrian Empire, March of 2011, and joined April of 2011; Christiana in 2009 as a participate, and as a candidate in 2010 under the challenge of Gold Swan (a female persona challenge) have gone through such a challenge. Granted it is hard work, but can be rather fun as well as this open ones eyes on history. For the most of us that have taken history in school it was rather boring, but when one can put a little flesh and activity to the persona challenge, history becomes exciting and alive and non the least non boring but with a slight twist, as we do not have to live the hardships of our past kin. I hope that the above information is useful in guilding you down a road to creating believable persona. Enjoy!


1.) The first goal is to HAVE FUN

2.) The second goal is to create a believable persona (preference to the Tudor, Elizabethan, Renaissance era - but can be from 1066 AD to 1603AD and of Western European culture. This helps in the having fun and been part of, and to help one get into the spirit of creative anachronism. The persona that you design for yourself, will depend on how much effort you wish to put into designing the persona, and your own individually, be it simple or complicated. This can include speech, props, costuming, marshal arts, and other aspects that pertain to your creative persona.

3.) The third goals - is the exchange of information; learning and educating of as indicated in goal

4.) The forth Goal - to HAVE FUN!!!!

For more information pertaining to Phasiani lacus Manerium, camping requirements and list of items to bring to events and demos go to web link of rules and information of Phasiani lacus Manerium.

http://phasianilacusmaneriumlaws.blogspot.com/ Phasiani lacus Manerium charter, laws and other items of interest.

For information to persona challenge go the Mistress Christiana Elizabeth Constable persona web blog links for a sample of Christiana Elizabeth Constable's persona

For a view of costuming, props, and other links in regards to Mistress Christiana. Go to
A Touch of Renaissance http://elizabethanwoodjoineryandcostume.blogspot.com/

For archieves of Phasiani lacus Manerium from the time it was unofficially form in the Society of Creative Anachronism to the present. The top of this blog will be the most recent, to the last page been the start of the achieves. The achieves begins from 2005 with the concept of formation, to the present. Included in the site are both official activities of different anachronism groups to those of just plain simple fun and enjoyment. Some of the achieves may contain personal persona information of individuals that are folks of like interest to Phasiani lacus Manerium


Please note that from time to time that these web blogs may be updated without notice, and in the updating information may be added or deleted at the decision of Christiana, and Phasiani lacus Manerium members under the hand of Christiana.

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