Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mistress Christiana Elizabeth Constable the Founder ye Phasiani lacus Manerium

Mistress of ye Phasiani lacus Manerium

Mistress Christiana Elizabeth Constable founded ye Phasiani lacus Manerium (Manor of Pheasant Hollow) in 2008, while she was known as Lady while in the Society of Creative Anachromisn, since March 2011 Phasiani lacus Manerium is now in transistion over to the Duchy of Connacht and does not go by the title of Lady but of M'Lady or Mistress. For more information of Mistress Christiana please go to the link to Phasiani lacus Manerium Archieves http://phasianilacusmanerium.blogspot.com/.

Mistress Christiana Elizabeth Constable holds the keys of Phasiani lacus Manerium, and with the aid of the members of like interest Phasiani lacus Manerium is currently undergoing changes, but we of Phasiani lacus Manerium will be concentrating on persona development, garb design, culinary skills and woodcraft skills. Marshal arts skills will be in Target Archery, from spring to fall in the months of March till November and eventually shinai and rapier in the Duchy of Connacht. It was by the decision of Phasiani lacus Manerium Feb 2011 to leave the Society of Creative Anachronism and join in the fun and activities of much closer group to home known as the Duchy of Connacht. Christiana will officially be leaving the SCA Jan 31, 2012, and begin building herself up through a point system to achieve Knighthood. Phasiani lacus Manerium , is currently just an interest group of the Tudor Elizabethan Renaissance Era.

In Feb of 2011, it was decided by the members of Phasiani lacus Manerium to seek and find a new organization that can fill the requirements for members of like interest in Phasiani lacus Manerium, and the decision was not taken lightly, on this subject, so begun the road of transition, which is hopefully nearing to a completion. Mistress Christiana has been busy preparing Phasiani lacus Manerium for the transition, and in during so has created interest modules as listed above.

Christiana is the moderator of Phasiani lacus Manerium chat room, and has designed all of the web blog sites in referrence to the practices of Phasiani lacus Manerium by Christiana and in some cases under direction by Master Kasper and of private web blogs which are the Norse Celtic Woodcarving Studio a private web blog of M'Lord Kasper and the A Touch of Renassiance a private web blog of Mistress Christiana

Mistress Christiana, can be found at most local Duchy of Connacht events in the Okangan Valley, She instructs Elizabethan Costuming, needlework, pattern making for costumes and Norse and Tudor hat making and when not being busy with instructing or participating in persona or class learning, she will take in Target Archery, or and Combat archery, shinahi and rapier. She has three working bows of which one is a long bow.

To contact the Mistress of the Phasiani lacus Manerium please email to: pheasant01@yahoo.com (numerical 01) Address to Mistress Christiana Elizabeth Constable.

Wavier: Lady Christiana Elizabeth Constable (SCA title) left the SCA March 2011, and has joined the Duchy of Connacht (Adria) and is referred to as Mistress. Mistress and M'Lady have no bearing to titles in the Duchy of Connacht.

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