Thursday, December 17, 2009

Phasiani lacus Manerium - A new Direction

As of Jan 31st - 2012  Phasiani lacus Manerium will no longer be an active part with the Society of Creative Anachronism and will be a full player in the Duchy of Connacht (Adrian Empire). It was with hard decision from the members of Phasiani lacus Manerium, that the membership wishes to leave the Society of Creative Anachronism and join the Connacht (Adrian Empire), as many before us have done before. This was a hard decision by Phasiani lacus Manerium and it was was not taken lightly, some reasons been mundane, but the decision was made by the vote of the members of Phasiani lacus Manerium. Below is contained links to different Adrian web sites for information and membership forms.

As 2012 rolls around the last of the Society for Creative Anachronism links and events will had being removed from the web blog, including some of the photos shown above and below, but the photos that will be removed will be transferred over to Christiana's personal web blog of A Touch of Renaissance or and the Phasiani lacus Achieves. New photos of Phasiani lacus Manerium activities at the Duchy of Connacht will be posted in its place.

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