Saturday, January 7, 2012

Phasiani lacus Manerium

Phasiani lacus Manerium in translation means Manor of Pheasant Hollow. Phasiani lacus Manerium is loyal to the Archduchy of Connacht and is headed by Mistress Christiana Elizabeth Constable with a persona of a wealthy widow of a wealthy merchant from the Tudor era. Phasiani lacus Manerium currently has four members of which Master Kasper Magnessum heads the Woodcarvers Guild a Connacht guild and that of Mistress Christiana Elizabeth Constable that is the "magister Guild of the "vestiarium Guild", and all members of Phasiani lacus Manerium practice within the arts and sciences and most participate in archery.

Most members of Phasiani lacus Manerium have a wide varity of personas at different years and culture but for the most, most practice their personas during the Tudor era from King Henry VII to the death of Queen Elizabeth I. Each and ever member is unique in their own culture and their social status as dictated by the laws set forth by the country and region, their social status, and their culture, of the era they represent, but all members have a common element and that is in the arts and sciences, archery and participation at events and demos of the Arch Duchy of Connacht (1066AD to 1603AD).

Phasiani lacus Manerium household motto is

“Lorem, dogmatizare et frui fruitus vitae illoruim in honore et usu partem”

which is Latin for “To learn, teach, and to enjoy the fruits of life, to honor those and to share our experience.” Heraldry is currently is in a state of being registered with the Adrian Empire.

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